Meet the staff

Matt Bowen-Editor

Writer, photographer, actor, lover of music and literature, worshipper of

THE Jesus, epicure of beauty, consumer of wisdom, and a missionary kid.

Kyndal Nichols-Editor

I am a daughter to Chris and Vickie, and the middle child of 9 kids. I am a sister to Kelsey, Kirby, Kyle, Karson, Kollin, Kayla, Kole, and Kory. I am a best friend to Alexandra Davie, and a girl who is in love with her Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m a Christ-seeking, coffee drinking, guitar playing, world traveling, canvas painting, book reading teenager. I want Christ to be evident in my life, and I pray He uses me to take the gospel to the nations. 17 years old and a senior, attempting to live an Acts 20:24 kind of life.

Diana Cascante-Staff Writer

I have studied at Alliance since I was in Pre-k, which is a pretty long time, since I am a senior now. The truth is I love Alliance, I love my friends and my teachers here.  I have a younger sister whom I love a lot. I don’t know exactly where I will be doing next year, since I am currently waiting of college responses. I am just a normal person who is constantly being refined by God!

Stefy Zapata-Staff Writer

I am seventeen years old, a follower of God and a junior student at AAI who is interested in studying  International Laws and International Relations, I don´t know yet in which college or university I´m going to study. In my free time I like to play the saxophone and rarely the guitar, some days I go to the gym but what I like most is hanging out with my friends or spending time with my family.

Samuel Lay-Staff Writer

I was born in Quito, Ecuador and I’m 17 years old. My favorite sport is tennis and I really enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

I love to travel, meet new places and new cultures, learn new languages. I’m a senior at Alliance Academy. Although I’m not sure on what college will
I be attending, I would like to study something related to International Business.

Bora Han-Staff Writer

I was born in Seul, Korea on June 27, 1995. My parents are both Korean and I dont have any siblings. We live in Quito, Ecuador and I´m a student at the Alliance Academy International and I´m in 11th grade. I like to do sports after school such as: soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Genesis Simbana-Staff Writer

An afternoon with friends enjoying a game of soccer and some food describes what an ideal day for me looks like. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, just chilling and talking about random things. I’m sixteen years old and honestly I don’t want to keep getting older. Sixteen for me is the perfect age because its when you not too young or too old, and don’t have many worries. My passion, God, he’s the reason I exist and the reason I want to keep living.

Sunmy Jo-Staff Writer

I love sushi. I’m thinking about studying fashion marketing. Half Korean. I’m friendly person. I love my family. I love fashion. I want to travel around the world. I love doing Pilates. Favorite place I’ve visited is Hawaii.

Priscilla Silva-Staff Writer

I grew up in a Christian family since I was born, and that is why I feel really good writing about Christ and the impact that He causes in the life of all the people. I like to see how the people change because of God.

Analiz Castillo-Staff Writer

There are a lot of things that have always attracted me, as music, sports and cooking too. But what attracts me the most is God, how he plans things in the perfect way. How he is there to support us and to punish us when we need to. For this reason, I have chosen to write news about Christ, so people may be well informed about Jesus and the amazing things that he makes in the humanity.

Esteban Naranjo-Staff Writer

I have 18 years old and I’m a senior. I have a passion for God, music and sports.  I was born in a Christian family. Since I was little I liked sports and music, like playing drums.  I have a passion for climbing mountains, 4×4, etc. I’m an extreme sports lover.

Rachel Bond-Staff Writer

I am a small-town girl living in a big city, who loves to sing my heart out just as much as I love to eat. I am great with words when wanting to be; full of thoughts and things to say, though sometimes not sure how to spell it out. I love talking, laughing and am, most of the time, very bubbly. I know when to be serious and when to be funny, there’s a time for everything. Who I am summed up in two words? Rachel Bond.

Henry Woo-Staff Writer

Excelling is not part of my daily life
You could say that senioritis has become part of my daily life but…
When has it not been part of my daily life
A senior spending his free time on the computer, rushing through homework, and wishing for vacation.

Michelle Tito-Staff Writer

I love God with all my heart, and after Him, music is my passion. I’m just 18 years old and I spect a lot of things from myself, even if I don’t know what to study after graduating from high school, I know God is going to help my with my decisions.


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