New Athletic Director

by Esteban Naranjo

Marcelo Campoverde

After Asad Zeidan quit his job, the school searched for a new athletic director. Bill Evans has been interviewing people from the school for the job in these past months.

After a couple of months of searching and interviewing, Evans announced that the new athletic director is going to be Marcelo Campoverde.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute in the athletic programs here; it is going to be a big challenge” Campoverde said.

This is the first year that Campoverde is working at the school. He’s in charge of all the media/design classes like yearbook, video production, etc, but now he has a responsibility.

For many years, Campoverde worked as a coaching director in many clubs in the US. He has experience in people management, organization, developing athletic programs, working with public school and has an extensive experience in the soccer component, but not in all sports.

“Athletics is something that I enjoy very much; I have been involved with it for my whole professional career.” Campoverde said.

Campoverde is go
Campoverde thinks that it is going to be hard but first he needs to look at all Zeidan’s work and maybe some things will remain the same because Zeidan did a really good job in this school. Campoverde acknowledges that Zeidan was a really good athletic director, that’s why Zeidan worked in this area for many years and he knew everything about it. He is also going to look if he can improve things or change things but first Campoverde needs to learn about this job and make some research.  ing to start working as an athletic director, August 15th. Before that, his job will be learning the responsibilities of the Athletic Director. During summer, he will be developing new plans like long rage and short plans to see how the sport area can improve next year and many years later. He also needs to learn how the Ecuadorian system works and he needs to search coaches for next year for each sport.

Next year, Alliance Academy International will have a new athletic director. We know that Campoverde is a professional man, well prepared and he will do a great job as the new athletic director.


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