AASSA Tournament Report


 The latest edition of the AASSA Tournament (American Association Schools South America), took place in the beautiful city of Guayaquil- Ecuador, this time six schools were participants in this tournament.

Boys and girls had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in sport. The girls had a grand opening in basketball; the boys went to a great playing soccer.

The tournament AASSA leaders decided to invite two new schools, which had an excellent participation in the tournament. These schools were “Einstein” and “El Menor” These schools demonstrated a great ability in sport.

There was lot of competition between the teams, all striving to have the number one spot, no doubt all games were great show for the audience.

 Alliance Academy International had an exceptional involvement, boys and girls worked very hard, there were huge challenges but even so our students had a great turnout and had a great time. The girls won third place showing to be very capable of competing against very strong schools, the boys on the other side won the sixth place, but had great participation and were very competitive.

This being the last tournament of the year brought great sadness to the seniors students because for them this was the last tournament in their school life.

 Sean student-athlete in the Alliance has participated in every tournament AASSA since ninth grade, Sean is a senior now and this tournament was his last tournament in his high school life.

“’Having my last AASSA tournament was a very sad thing, but also exciting, it is always exciting to go to Guayaquqil for a tournament even though we lost terribly we did better than last year and even though we may have not been as prepared as much as we should have been we still did good and got along as a team!! I do have to admit that this was the funniest AASSA tournament that I have been on!”

There were many challenges for the Alliance Academy students but in the end they proved to be a close-knit team that works hard and are definitely after the victory.


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