The Kony Awards

It’s often too easy to be a critic. Why, you ask? Because it is so doggone fun. One can say things that one usually can’t say to people’s faces, for example: “This movie is terrible, the acting is is amateurish, the cinematography looks like it’s been plotted by a five year old, and the story seems like it’s been written by a shoe with opposable thumbs.” Ever said that to the director of a film? Yup, neither have I. So, let’s all be critics for a moment and talk about the Kony 2012 video.

Yes, this short movie is wrought with propaganda. I’ve watched and read quite a bit of propaganda in my eighteen years of life and this movie wreaks of it. In fact, when we were introduced to the narrator’s kid my thoughts went something like, “Are you serious? Another case of using kids for pity?” And then we met the rescued kid from Uganda. Oh boy, didn’t see that one coming.(Think all those “Support This Child” commercials. Groan.) Stereotypical.Boring.

And let’s not even get to this guy’s lifestyle. Naked in public? Are you serious? Why follow anything if the maker is just going to go insane? Does that make us insane for believing in his cause?

My dearest reader. Despite the video maybe not having it’s facts right, Jason Russell being naked in public, and the significant amount of propaganda in the film, let us not forget what this film is about. Humans. Humans with hearts that beat, blood that travels from vein to vein, a like or dislike for Justin Bieber, and, more importantly, the very essence of humanity, a soul.

I understand that we are living in a world of pain. I feel the pain of not having money, of not knowing what to do with my life, of the chance of being violently mugged, and I cannot even imagine what you are going through. But do not, I plead with you do not, brush away this video because of the creators life or it’s cheesy propaganda. In fact, do not brush away this video at all. Breathe. Take in the reality of children who are brainwashed to kill people. Read that slowly. Children who are brainwashed to kill people. Small veins, smaller hearts, a deep hatred for Bieber, and a soul that is completely numb to pain. Yeah, I clench my jaw and ball my fists when I read that too. It brings tears of fierce indignation to my eyes. I cannot stand to imagine the thousands of dead and enslaved by this man Kony. And I certainly cannot sit still and hope that something happens to him.

So here I am, standing on my little soapbox to tell you three things. The senseless killing of innocent human beings must be stopped. This disgusting, stomach churning, use of children to kill must be stopped. And that Joseph Kony must be stopped at all costs. Ladies and gentlemen of the world, let’s stop Kony. And let’s do it now.


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