Some Seniors communicate their plans


As the end of the school year looms closer and closer, the weeks seem to fly by. For this year’s graduating class of 2012, the end is coming faster than expected.

The seniors are getting ready to graduate. Some will leave for college, others will find a job. Some others are staying in Ecuador indefinitely. Many of this year’s graduating class have already been accepted into various colleges all across the United States. Some are going across seas to Korea and possibly other countries.

Some graduating seniors were asked about their plans for next year. Diana Cascante said that she is not entirely sure what she is going to be doing; however, she has been accepted into various colleges.

Byeong (Polu) Hoon Yoo said that he is going to Virginia Tech. He will be studying marketing and programming. Julia Curtis said she will be going to Abilene Christian University in Texas. She will be majoring in English and creative writing. She will possibly study theatre.

Henry Woo said that he will be travelling to Korea. He has been accepted to Godae in South Korea. He wants to study economics. Kyndal Nichols will be studying nursing at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Carolina Villalba Rodas said she will either study at a college in Ecuador or go to Florida. Either way, she will study digital design, visual arts and animation with a minor in marketing.

Sera Seo said she will go to Fairleigh Dickinson in New Jersey. However, she said that she is “still waiting for more scholarships”. If she can’t go to New Jersey, Seo plans to return to Korea.

How do the seniors feel about the year coming to a close? Cascante said that she still hasn’t realized that the end is so close. She also said, “It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that I’m not coming back to the Alliance once the summer ends”.

Curtis said, “I’ve been missing the ‘States’, and it will be good to go back home. But I love this country, and all the wonderful people that I’ve met here. I adore this culture so much, and I know I’m going to miss it”.

Seo said that she was excited but sad at the same time; her reason, she said, is that she will miss everyone. In a way, the fact that she’s graduating hasn’t hit her yet.

When asked, “where will you be living next year?”, most of the seniors said they will be living in college dorms.

Rodas said she will be living with her family in Ecuador, because “I am not sure if I can manage to get to a college outside this country [Ecuador]”.

Woo and Seo, however, both plan to live in Korea. Woo said he will be living in his parents’ house with his brother right after graduating. Seo said she will live in the States for a while and then possibly return to Korea.

The students at Alliance Academy International are excited for the end. But for the Senior Class of 2012, many of which have attended AAI for as many as ten years, the end is a very hard thing to grasp.


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