How To Ask A Girl To Go To Junior/Senior

Junior-Senior event is coming up really fast, and many are wondering on what they will be wearing that day. The most important question is whom will you go with? Many still don’t know whom are they taking to this banquet. Others don’t know how to ask that special girl to go to jr/sr with them and still others may be just a little nervous. So here are some tips on how to ask that lady to go to jr/sr with you.

There are many simple ways of asking someone to the prom. Some as simple as verbally asking, “Do you want to go to the prom with me?” Yet it brings me to the idea of how boring and unmemorable that type of proposal can be.

A woman does not want to be simply asked, or already assumed that she’s going to go to a prom with someone. She wants to be dazzled and moved in a romantic and original way to accept a proposal to the prom. It makes everything a whole lot more fascinating and definitely memorable.

It shouldn’t be hard for guys to come up with creative ways to ask their date to the prom, considering all the unlimited resources we have these days. And if it’s getting to the point where guys are too lazy to dazzle their dates to make them feel special. I’m not sure what this world is coming to.

A guy should find a unique and memorable way that is surprising, thoughtful and original with a token or gift, roses or chocolates or some sort of special momentum. If the guy does something like this, it’s more probable that the girl will not regret.

The proposal doesn’t have to be a grand and spectacular event, it just has to be thoughtful and special. Something she will always remember. Here are some tips

-Buy her roses or her favorite flowers

-Make her a letter and put it on her locker

-Ask her close friends to help you figure out what’s her favorite place to eat

-Don’t be too cheesy when talking to her

-Avoid awkward moments

-Be natural

-Instead of flowers you can give her an stuffed animal

-Make eye contact when asking her out

-Look good, presentable

-If you are not friends with that girl, then become friends with her

Rachel Bond said that she would like to receive flowers.

Camila Mogollon said that she would like the guy to invite her to drink coffee and to buy her a chocolate covered strawberry and then ask her out.

There were a few girls who said they wouldn’t like something that big, just some simple gesture would be fine.

Some of the AAI staff back in time, junior/senior was taken as a more relax event not a big deal as it is now on days

Mrs. Johnson said that she went with the guy she was dating, so he didn’t really have to ask her out.

Mrs. Maloy said that since she wasn’t dating anyone she just went by herself.

Mr. Saavedra said that he wanted to ask a girl he liked but then that girl started liking Saavedra’s friend. So he decided not to go with her because it was awkward. That year he went with three other friends that had a similar situation as him. They decided to wear jeans, sandals, soccer jersey, a hat and cane and a coat with a dried rose. But then his second year in high school the girl that used to like Saavedra’s friend broke up with his friend. And that year he took that chance and just asked her “Do you want to go with me?”

Mrs. Diaz said that for her, junior/ senior was not a big of a deal. She just went with her boyfriend. She just assumed she was going to go with him. But she said that before going to jr/sr she went to a nice dinner.

So guys, make your dates feel like they are the most special and important girl in that moment, and you will give them a fun night!


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