Ashley & Ricky´s Wedding: A Dream Come True


“If one can beat a hundred, two can beat a hundred thousand,” said the content husband staring at her beautiful wife.

Ashley Kristen Ruffner and Ricardo Andres Diaz, chaplains at Alliance Academy, decided to start a family together. They got married on Saturday 7th at Hacienda Umbria, Machachi- Ecuador, the place where the story begins for this lovely couple.

“The wedding was a lot of fun, incredible and a dream come true” said Diaz and Ruffner. Although everybody told them that it was going to rain, they enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. The couple felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during the whole wedding. Every single moment at the ceremony was memorable, Ruffner´s most special moment was when they said their vows and Diaz´ most special moment was when his grandfather prayed for them.

Every couple faces the most important step of their lives in different ways. The most common emotion for the groom and the bride to feel before a wedding is nervousness. However that wasn´t Ruffner´s situation, she remained calm, peaceful and content. However Diaz emotions were different, he felt nervous, anxious and had a lot of expectative. After the wedding the feelings changed for the happy couple. Ruffner was exhausted but content while Diaz was still nervous, but exited and very glad.

“God joined us because he has something bigger for us” Diaz said.

The place where the ceremony took place was decorated in a rustic style; the decoration had some old books and jars with wild white flowers. For the ceremony Ruffner and Diaz sat on hay bales. The wedding was full of love as well as the a hundred guests there. Ten members of Ruffner´s family came from the States and thirty-one members of Diaz´ family were there. The support from the family was an essential portion of that step in their lives.

The marriage officiant of the wedding was Jake Tassy and Juan Moncayo was his translator. Loren Holland was the best man. Ruffner and Diaz chose a few numbers of bridesmaids and maids of honor; Ruffner´s sister, Diaz’ sister were the maids of honor and other three girls were the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids and maids of honor picked their own dress; each one had a different color and design. The groomsmen wore a suit and gray converse; each one of them chose a different gray tone for their suits.

All the wedding ceremony participants were elegant and perfect as well as the bride and the groom. The bride, Ashley Ruffner, was wearing a beautiful white dress. It was strapless, simple but elegant, in a trumpet style; it was tight up and in the end loose. “I loved it,” said Ruffner. Her sister in law made Ruffner´s hair; it was all curled in a ponytail but then tied in a bun. Ruffner with her sister in law´s help made the makeup; it was simple, it seems to be the makeup she´s used to wear in a normal day. The groom was stylish too. He wore a gray suit with thin white stripes, a white shirt, a bright dark gray tie, gray socks and gray converse.

The whole wedding was a dream come true, starting from the place until the wedding gift. Ruffner enjoyed every single wedding gift but her favorite was a table runner from Otavalo; it is turquoise with flowers. Diaz´s favorite wedding gift was a wristwatch and an awesome Honey Moon at Cuba. They stayed there for four nights and five days.

“Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity”

                                                                                                                                         Kahlil Gibran 


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