American shows another week of crazy talent, is it enough?


“This season of American Idol is the season of the ‘Big Voice’”, says Jennifer Lopez Thursday night.

This past week the seven participants left in American Idol compete. Skylar Laine with her version of Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You, the kick-off song of the night by Kellie Pickler definitely started another great week.

The stress of these last few weeks of trying to be the best for their fans and most importantly, the judges, have everyone singing for their life. At this point in the competition no doubts come to mind about the last seven in the competition, all are full of unique and surprising talent. Go hard or go home, for sure makes an excellent logo for this moment in the competition.

As the seven young singers get up and sing one by one, each get praised for their unique talent and approach to the song chosen; all except Holly. Singing her interpretation of, Perfect by Pink, didn’t give her the results she had hoped for.

“It wasn’t perfect for me tonight…”, said Stephen Tyler.

As a closing number Elise Testone, does an outstanding job on You and I by Lady Gaga. The other five, (Philip Philips, Joshua Ladet, Coulton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, and Skylar Laine), do equally outstanding in their variety of song choice.

Then the moment of truth rolls around the elimination night. To begin Ryan Seacrest calls up Holly and Jessica; spicing things up he puts them in two opposite groups along the stage. Toward the end of the show Holly stands with Philip Philips, and Colton Dixon, all three shaken up and clueless. Jessica stands opposite of them with Joshua Ladet and Elise equally worried. Skylar, left alone obviously nervous, finally gets called up by Seacrest and is safe.

The bottom three are chosen (Joshua, Elise, and Jessica), yet who goes home? Judges, as shocked as the audience, wait impatiently. The bottom threes’ hearts racing, then Joshua, realed into safety shows a sigh of relief. Elise then joins the relieved group labeled SAFE. Jessica left alone, sings for her life, in hopes of getting, the one and only free safe call the judges may use throughout the season, till the top five. Then, the judges rush on stage and rip the mic from her hand and give away their only save of season.

Now the top seven are decided. Who goes hard enough and who goes home?


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