Craving for some oriental food, here is Zao.

In contrast to the cold city, Zao is a restaurant that can not be missed. It’s overall presentation and food are intriguing. It offers you a mix of asian cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese.

The impression is what mostly counts, the atmosphere has an elegant oriental style.

The interior is a very relaxing scenery, filled with Terracota Soldiers and chops sticks on every plate. The chairs and tables have their unique designs with wood made walls to separate the different rooms.

The lighting is perfect, making every room and its color come to life.

As seen, it has a large screen TV at the bar, but the volume was low enough to not disturb the customers, and an intimate seating area just for drinks.

It’s a delicious, affordable and unique place to go and spend time with friends while testing the different combinations the menu offers.

To begin, some crispy wonton skins that provide a crunchy and fresh taste filled with shrimp and chicken breast accompanied with a good house-made sweet thai chili sauce can be as the appetizer

A chinese-inspired main dish is the sweet`n sour chicken, with a bitter sweet sauce accompanied with some exquisite salted vegetables; higly recomended.

And to end this perfect meal, try this dessert, as a chocolate lover you won`t want to miss out on the Zao Chocolate cake covered in chocolate sauce, cinnamon cream and vanilla.

Zao is a just another chinese restuarant for some, but an excellent oriental cuisine for others.


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