A true depiction of Uganda in ‘Kony 2012’ video?


“Uganda is more than depicted in that video…” Amama Mbabazi says.

This video, “Kony 2012”, by many, seen as a wake up call to Kony recruiting children from Uganda in his army, turns out to be more fictional than fact?  Is the video honestly showing what really goes on in Uganda? According to many, Uganda isn’t as bad as framed.

“It gives the impression that Uganda is still at war, people are still displaced, those many children are still out, sleeping on the streets, in a guru, and of course all of this is not true.”, Mbabazi says.

Among these many critiques shines the Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi. He states in his video criticizing, “Kony 2012″, that no more conflict goes on in Uganda and the amount of children depicted in the video, as homeless and running for their lives, has no truth to it.

“When you look at it and you listen to what they are saying, it’s as if Kony is still in Uganda…” , Mbabazi says.

Mbabazi, though against the video does say it gives a picture of how Uganda use to be. Kony, not even in Uganda anymore, stars as an evil man who still takes children from Uganda and recruits them, in this video; yet Kony left Uganda years ago according to Mbabazi and many others out there, claiming to also be from Uganda.

This video really takes a spin for the worst under all the criticism being thrown out left and right, even by the Prime Minister, might I add.

You could say, that Mbabazi just tries to cover over the embarrassment given to Uganda by this video. Yet, he freely welcomes celebrities to come and see for themselves that Uganda truly depicts a country of definitely more safety than in “Kony 2012″.

There are many others, on Youtube, in articles, videos and news all over the web and TV, embarrassingly exposing the whole truth on “Kony 2012”.  Almost too obvious to ignore, the video looks more fake than it does real.

Many can deny that the youtubers could just be lying, yet Uganda’s own Prime Minister? The factual history? Now that is something no one can ignore.

There are still questions left. Why go to all that trouble making a video that doesn’t even show fact? What was the purpose? Why is this man still being praised for letting people see the “truth”? It is all still very confusing. Though, we can all agree that the facts disposed on Uganda and the people criticizing the video, make it look more like a fake Uganda in the present than a real one.

video of the Prime Minister:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/mar/18/kony-2012-ugandan-pm-video?intcmp=239


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