Quito Cup, a Saturday to Remember

March 3, Quito Cup,a soccer tournament that helps the junior class raise funds took place in the Alliance Academy International. 8 am. Saturday morning, was pretty early for people to be at school  yet they were still there. The sun shone brightly making it hard to see as the junior class got everything ready for Quito Cup. 

The original scheduled date February 25, had to be changed. The reason for this change is that the juniors needed extra time to organize things well, especially after returning from a 4 day Carnaval vacation.  

Fourteen groups signed up in total to participate in this event. Each team could have a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 15. At least one girl had to be playing on the field at all times.

The teams participating could be from school, but also from outside of school. The only rule, was to behave in a correct manner and not cause any problem, otherwise the team would automatically be eliminated.

The large soccer field was divided in two sections, so two games could be happening at the same time. Each game lasted 30 minutes and there was a 5 minutes half.

While some people were engaged watching the soccer games, others were looking around for something to eat. The juniors offered breakfast, which included a cinnamon roll, coffee or juice and fruit. They also had candy, drinks and snacks. For lunch they offered hamburgers, brits, drinks and a variety of desserts.

As the afternoon preceded things went on smoothly, until a high school senior got injured and was quickly taken to the hospital next door. He was released that same afternoon with a mild concussion.

Little by little the losing teams were eliminated and in the end two teams were left to fight for the first place trophy. Mr. Sylva and his team competed against the Casa Gabriel team. Tension filled the air as both teams fought for first place.

In the end Mr. Sylva along with his team won Quito Cup for the fifth year in a row, leaving Casa Gabriel in second place.

Rich Brown, a player from the winning team says why he thinks the team won once again.

“Chris Sylva is good at building the team early on, so he gets good players before others do. That helps us win.”

The joy the winning team felt was easily seen as they smiled and congratulated each other. This victory made Quito Cup end with a great finale.


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