A Little Help to Remain Healthy


Being healthy is not just about nutrition is about maintaining your body and mind in good shape.

Being in shape is not just appearance, it’s a lifestyle. Being in shape means maintaining a healthy, happy, relaxed and active lifestyle. In AAI students are able to participate in a lot of physical activities such as P.E., where they practice soccer, basketball, handball, other sports, and they can work out, all of these helps them to improve a healthy lifestyle. The student body can also participate in extracurricular activities like soccer, basketball and volley, depending on the season.

Outside school, if you don’t like to practice sports you can work out in a gym, do Pilates, cycling or Zumba. Each day start by walking, jogging or cycling for minimum 30 min. to help your heart pump more blood and keep your brain active.

 Cardio exercises clean your blood and reduce the fat in the body improving your quality of life. Include in your work out schedule activities that help make you stronger such as push- ups, pull- ups or lifting weights.

 Don’t forget to warm- up and stretch your muscles before doing any kind of physical activity in order to avoid any kind of lesion.

 It is Monday third period P.E class and Amanda Mckeen is trying to encourage her students to be in shape. She promotes movement in the class instead of just standing around and encourages stretching to avoid injuries. She helps her students to design their own workout schedule so they are able to be in shape by their own effort and individual perseverance.

 “Being in shape is to have at least average muscular strength, flexibility and the correct body fat range”, said McKeen.

 Jake Tassy, a chaplain and soccer girls varsity coach, focuses his attention on improving the health and physical resistance of all the AAI varsity football girls’ team. “Doing patterns and habits affect your body. God asked to take care of our bodies so they would not have issues later” said Tassy. Finally he motivates the team to eat healthy and drink a lot of water.

 Healthy body, healthy mind! At the moment you realize physical activities the body remains active as a result you can have more energy during the day. Physical activities help to reduce stress and all the sicknesses related to it.

 “Being in shape is to be capable of accomplishing anything that you want physically”, said Bowen.

 Nutrition is a fundamental piece of being in shape; nutrition and physical activities work together. As long as you balance nutrition your body works effectively and your mind remains lucid. Here are some tips you can use to improve your nutrition. First always start your day with breakfast, second balance your food choices, don’t eat too much of one single food, and finally eat more grains, fruits and vegetables to have more energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

 “Digital Fitness” is a well-equipped gym. There you can work with a 3 to 8 days workout schedule working in each part of the body. For example day 1: arms (biceps, triceps, breast, trapezius, etc. ), day2: legs (gluteus, quadriceps, etc.) day 3: abdomen (abdominal muscles, latissimus dorsi, etc.)

 Every day you need to work in cardio exercises for 20-30 min. like running, jogging, sprinting, cycling, etc.

 Being in shape is an important matter in our lives. It isn’t just a matter of appearance, it is health. If we take care of our bodies at an early age we can avoid injuries in the future. It depends on our individual work and desire to take care of us. Love yourself by taking care of you!

 Here is a workout schedule that will help you training. Of course if it is not the right for you, you can always change it.


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