Sacrificing vacation leaves great experiences for AAI Students.

By Analiz Castillo

While most  AAI students spent their carnival vacations sleeping on the beach or resting in their homes, some students were sharing the gospel, telling stories and singing songs with the kids in the jungle town of Campana Cocha.

Students from the Campana Cocha CSO set out on their jungle adventure on February 17 and returned February 21.

Priscila Silva, a junior that attended the retreat said that  the fact they went on this trip during vacation time didn’t affect her at all.

“Even though, I had to go during vacation, I think that this trip was worth spending my vacation. It was a great opportunity to be and share with kids from other cultures, to learn about them, and to be able to help them in anything I could”, said Silva

This was her first time going on this trip and for her it was exciting and tiring. All of the people who participated had different responsibilities and Silva’s main  job was to help with the puppet shows.

“Every time that there was a puppet show, I had to present the puppets name to the kids,” said Silva.

Silva explains that she walked away from her trip with new insights and different experiences.

“Well, I learned that I can be really good with kids. It also taught me to be more patient with the kids and to treat them with love, which is all what makes them happy”

Joshua Aguirre, a senior that has attended this trip for two consecutive years agreed with Silva. They both learned that patience was the key to leading the kids

“I learned to be very patient, because these kids had a lot of energy to annoy you, but you wanted them to be paying attention to the class, and not to be annoying!”, said Aguirre.

Regrettably, for Cyndi Cortez, a senior at  AAI this was her  last time attending this trip. She has been involved in Campana Cocha for four years.

“Even though it was a tiring trip, I loved to play with the kids, knowing that this was my last time serving in the jungle and looking at the beautiful and incredible sunsets that happens over there.” said Cortez.

What has impacted her the most in all her years serving in the jungle tis the heart of service that the students involved in this trip have. She is also impacted by the families that live there and the beauty of the scenery.

“I got impressed by the way my classmates served humbly. Also the little other people have and how much we have. And last the incredible creation, God has made”, said Cortez.

This trip left incredible experiences for AAI students that traveled to Campana Cocha this year. Helping and being a support for this town means a lot to these students.


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