The Time for Excellence Has Come


On February 24, parents and students of AAI received an email message from Mrs. Christina Simmons. The message referred to the opening of the selection of National Honor’s Society students for 2012. This is a great honor to distinguish students who have shown their dedication and capacity during their high school life.

National Honor’s Society (NHS) is an organization led by the National Association of Secondary Principals. The email message said “Their purpose is to honor those students who most nearly meet the major aims of education itself.” Students from 10th to 12th grade who hold a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above are eligible for such a prestigious award.

AAI students have proudly joined NHS for many years. The joyful day of knowing the new members of NHS is coming soon. These new members will be a great example of not only impeccable academic achievements but also qualities such as character, service, citizenship, and leadership.

Being a member of NHS is not only an outstanding honor but also it is a great opportunity for receiving scholarships in different fields. It is always important to recognize the efforts of those students who have had a great development in academics. However, it is also important recognize those that have also known how to use their skills and gifts in other fields such as sports, community service, theater, music and others.

Cristina Cowan, senior of the class of 2012, was selected be part of the National Honor’s Society last year. By that time, students did not have to apply. They were chosen among the high school students. Her parents and her sister were in the ceremony the day she was given this honor.

“I was really surprised when they announced I was being selected to form part of the NHS” said Cowan. “I’ve always liked to do my best in everything I do. Throughout my high school life I’ve been part of different activities and now I’m glad that my effort had this great consequence”

Cowan has been part of different CSO’s. She plays the flute in the school band and now she is learning how to play the trumpet. Last year she tutored two or three days a week students from third grade. In her senior hear, she joined the school choir. Cowan is in the first place in the ranking of best students for the class of 2012.

“I am planning to go to UK for college. God has shown his power in my life and I’m eager to know what else he has in store for me. NHS has definitely opened many doors for me so I’m glad this year new students will be part of this honor”

Students who would like to form part of NHS will have to complete an first application which is available either online or in the Secondary Office of AAI. It is strongly recommended, for those students who meet the requirements, to apply to this great honor. For those students who don’t meet the requirements, this can be an encouraging experience and a little prod to improve in those areas where they are struggling.

Applications can be turned in until March 15, at 3:30pm. After this deadline no late applications will be accepted. It is expected that students will be notified between three or four weeks as to whether they have been accepted.

NHS is an exclusive honor that has the purpose of recognize not only the academic area, but the leadership and involvement students have in many other activities. The time for excellence, this year, is coming soon.


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