Students Reflect on Upcoming Graduation


Graduation is a time of laughter and tears; of reminiscing and remorse. With it being the last quarter in the school year. Graduation continues to quickly approach on Senior who are ready and who aren’t. There are seniors going in lots of different directions, but more importantly there are Seniors who have been here their entire life and they have to focus on leaving and creating a new home for themselves. I asked Seniors what they thought about their senior year and how they feel about graduation being right around the corner. The grade in parenthesis is when that specific student first came to the Alliance Academy.

“Senior year has gone by really fast, and I’m say and excited for graduation.” -Mari Paez (10th grade)

“It’s gone by pretty fast.” -Ben Kurtenbach (Kindergarten)

“It’s going fast, and in one way I want senior year to end quickly so that I don’t have to be stuck in a school for like 8 hours straight, but at the same time, I’ll miss my friends, a lot.” -Giuliana Intriago (6th grade)

“The time is going really fast. I can remember the first day of school and now there are only 4 months left.” -Esteban Naranjo (8th grade)

“It has gone by pretty fast, but I feel like there are a lot of things left for this year. About graduation, I really cannot picture myself graduating yet, so it is not like I feel sad or anxious, I’m just neutral about it.” -Joshua Aguirre (11th grade)

“I haven’t realized it’s happening yet. one of the biggest things is leaving Ecuador and that’s going to be really hard, because this is my home.” -Matthew Bowen (3rd grade)

“I’m extremely happy, I’ve waited for graduation since I was in 8th grade.” -Polu (10th grade)

“I’m just apathetic.” -Henry Woo (8th grade)

“I wish graduation was tomorrow.” -Mateo Lu (Kindergarten)

“It’s funny how we’ve known each other for so long and after graduation, we’ll never see each other again.” -Esteban Becerra (Kindergarten)

“I’m not ready for it. I’m sad.” -Stephen Ruales (8th grade)

As graduation quickly approaches, seniors are learning to take pride in what they have and take advantage of right now. Some seniors are ready and some seniors aren’t. Some seniors have their entire future worked out and some don’t know where to start.

Seniors. Like a Boss. 2012.



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