People changed by God’s Grace at Spiritual Emphasis Week


“ I didn´t come all the way from Chicago to waste my time, I came here to tell you what God wants me to tell you” said Pastor Mark Jobe from Chicago, AAI’s key speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week.

From Feb 27 to March 2, students gathered together again for Spiritual Emphasis Week, an event that has been established for many years at AAI. The event took place on “ Dios es Fiel”.   AAI had the honor of having Pastor Mark Jobe from Chicago as leader and head pastor of “ New Life Chicago”, with the assistance of his son Josiah Jobe and one of their friends, Ozzie Leyva.

Spiritual Emphasis caused impact in students. One of many girls that was impacted with God’s word is Angie Elizalde a Junior at Alliance Academy International.

“ Since the very first day when they talked about not being alone, I suddenly felt that I wanted to search for God, and he was there waiting for me” Angie said.

Not just Angie Elizalde, but also Valeria Guevara a junior at AAI shared how this week impacted and  challenged her to follow God.

“When bad things happen to me, I am always angry with God and asking him, “why me Lord?” But when the pastor talked about anger, I realized how wrong I was and that everything has a purpose or it is the fact that we made bad choices in the past”, Valeria said.

Some other students were impacted with a theme that culture shows as something very normal and this theme is “ Idols”

“ It really impacted me when Mark talked about idols because I never thought that something such as egocentrism or excessive likeness could be some kind of idolatry” Ismael Falconi said.

Dave Saavedra, a Bible teacher at AAI, also gave his testimony about his experience during Spiritual Emphasis, and how this week was what AAI really needed.

“I believe the call to humble repentance, so clearly articulated at spiritual emphasis, was just what some of us needed.  It was a much needed spiritual kick in the pants!”  Dave Saavedra said.

What impacted students the most was that, Pastor Mark Jobe and his team used their daily life stories.

“I really like how all of the preachers relate God’s word with our daily situations and struggles in our life” Emilio a Junior at AAI said.

AAI gives their students the opportunity to know more about God’s word. This time was with Pastor Jobe and his team. Is the students, teachers, and people that were on spiritual emphasis decision if they want to let God continue impact their life’s or they go back to be what they were before this transformed week.


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