Young Quito Designer Succeeds in Colombia


Namy Jo, born in Quito, Ecuador is currently studying in Bogotá, Colombia in La Salle College. She is planning to get a master’s degree in fashion design. Jo has overcome many obstacles and has come a long way throughout her years as a fashion student.

Even though she is just 21 years old she has shown herself as a strong and a hard working woman. Her designs have created a different trend among her colleagues. Her designs highlight the shape of every woman.

She has worked with different people and in a few months will be assisting in the magazine CARAS. Even though she is still in college, she has already started her own brand “Nane Bon.” She designs underwear for women and clothes but only under special request.

Revealing her new designs for the spring of 2012, she talks with me about her career, her history behind pursuing fashion design, her goals, and the problems she has had to face and overcome in this fashion world.

 Q. What inspired you to follow this career?

A. I’ve always liked fashion. I remember that I always went to work with my dad and admired what he did since he designs clothes too.


Q. How would you describe your designs?

A. My designs are very elegant and innovative. I don’t like to focus on just one thing. I like to experiment and do different things but despite this, there’s always someone who sees a design of mine and knows that I did it.

Q. What’s your source of inspiration when creating your designs?

A. I prefer not to have a theme of inspiration, I just think of something and then fit it into a certain subject that inspires me. But I have great influences of designers such as: Eliee Saab, Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, and others.


Q. As a young designer have you faced any problems in the fashion world?

A. Of course, if it is a really tough industry and if you don´t have your values and goals clear then it’s probable that you are going to fail. In this industry I’ve seen many hard-hitting situations. Like when I have worked with designers we have to make the fittings to the models and you have no clue how skinny they look it’s just scary. It’s just hard to see teenagers sacrificing themselves and their bodies just to please the modeling industry, it breaks my heart. This is a big issue for me and that’s why I’ll rather work with normal body type models.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I want to finish my year with honors, and apply for a degree in fashion. I want to love my work and everything I do. I never want to see my job as another obligation that I have to complete. Instead I want to see my job as a fun task that I have to go trough every day. I also want to have a stable job, an enjoyable work environment, and to travel to broaden my views on fashion.


Q. Tell me more about your collection, that’s coming in August

A. My collection it’s based on pieces of aluminum that stimulate gold, I decided to do something different in what I design, but are still within the parameters of design. It’s a collection that focuses on pre-Columbian history and overall Colombia, which is the place where I’m beginning my career. In this collection you can see a lot of potential in luxury and that’s why I call it, “pre-Columbian luxury.”



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