We want to know: which new movie is a must see?

As the day goes by several people are longing just for a movie night, resting from a hard day of work.

Several students in the Junior grade recommended “Curageous”. A film about four law enforcement officers that after long days of hard dangerous work they have another job; fatherhood.

Senior Aracelli Lopez said her recomendation would be “El lado Escondido” and how it was nominated for two Oscar awards.

Sophmore Jennifer Wang recomended “Midnight in Paris” because it is a really romantic movie and it involves a past of great writers like Hemingway, so it really revived the manly side of literature that Hemingway and other writers share.

Another recomended movie is by winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese  who won the Academy Award invites you to experience a thrilling journey “Hugo” which is still on theaters. This is about Hugo a kid that discovers a secret left by his father so he decides to go on a quest and unlock the mystery.

“Jack and Jill” is also recomended as it is a comedy for the family. It is involves Adam Sandler as both Jack and Jill turning his normally tranquil life upside down. He becomes a lady or a double life as a man and a lady.

Senior Haley Greene recomended “The Lovely Bones” and as its title kind of gives it away, the movie is suspenseful. It`s about a young girl who has been murdered and watcher over her family and her killer from heaven. She has to weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal.

“The Warrior” recomended by Junior Hector Cortes described as an  action movie; involved with many fights. It is about mixed martial arts tournament in which there is brother`s struggling relationship whcih each other and their dad.



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