Wesleyan Academy receives AAI students for spiritual emphasis week


While most of the Alliance Academy International high schoolers were participating in Spiritual Emphasis Week in Quito, Ecuador, 15 students travelled to San Juan, Puerto Rico facilitating Spiritual Emphasis Week for elementary kids at Wesleyan Academy.

Alisa Nelson, Ashley Gonzalez, Naomi Villacís, Naomi Provost, Alejandra Maguiña, Juan Pablo Molina, Levi Kurtenbach, Jenna Wolfram and John Fausto Mason set out on Feb. 24 and returned March 4th from San Juan after serving for a week at a local bilingual school..

Organizing this mission trip was not easy, and has been planned since last year. Getting the money needed and paperwork completed took time and patience. The attending students were able to raise all necessary funds and the paperwork was completed successfully.

Before going on the mission trip Levi Kurtenbach, a sophomore at AAI explained more about what the upcoming week at Wesleyan Academy had in store.

“We’ll spend the first two days planning everything. Then the next three days we’ll be leading Spiritual Emphasis for first to sixth graders. And the last three days we’ll be spending with the preschoolers and kinder gardeners,” said Kurtenbach.

This small mission trip  mainly focused on working with and mentoring the young children at the Academy in San Juan.

Although this was the first international mission trip for this group of students, they are not new to serving in various situations around Ecuador. Nelson, Wolfram and Kurtenbach, three of the sophomore students who traveled to San Juan, tell us more of what they have done.

“I’ve never gone on a mission trip outside of Ecuador, but I have done little things like going to the jungle with my dad,” said Nelson

“I’ve gone to the Galápagos and the jungle,” Wolfram said

“Well, I was a translator for a team who came to Ecuador,” said Kurtenbach

These three students shared more about what they would like to get out of this mission trip, and what motivated them to go.

“Glorify God, and see the kids learn new things,” said Kurtenbach.

“The satisfaction that I lead kids to Christ,”  said Wolfram.

“I guess I would like the children to understand and remember what we teach them, the characteristics of God,” said  Nelson

When asking Nelson and Kurtenbach about her fears about this trip, they shared different ideas.

“I’m kind of nervous about messing up or about not being well prepared,” said Nelson

“Being away from my family for so long,” said Kurtenhbach

These fears were left aside when they arrived in San Juan. The hard planning and effort put into this event paid off and now students are back on campus, ready to share their experiences with others.



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