Season 11 American Idol noted as most talented


A show filled with hope and excitement; disappointment and tears; has come back with another season. Since 2002 American Idol has been an inspiration to singers, young and old, around the world. This year it is back with Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson as the judges.

Roaring with talent this year, American Idol gives hope to viewers that want to tryout and more competition between participants.

“Beautiful, just beautiful.”, Steven Tyler frequently says throughout the many auditions.

Why? Because more often than not the auditions were just that. From the deep South to the true North, talent filled the audition halls. There were auditions in seven states; Georgia, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oregon, and Missouri

The competition only gets harder as all 309 accepted participants go to Hollywood with the judges. The first cut, half of the accepted participants were eliminated. The 185 contestants that remain go into a second round, where those that did not get cut, now get to perform in groups chosen by the judges.

Contestant, Amy Brumfield, came down with the flu and from their around 3 more contestants came down with the same sickness. It was a huge damper in this part of the competition, because they had to work together in groups and with any group member sick, it slows the rest of them down in getting the harmonies tight and the performance perfected.

During rehearsal with her group, contestant, Imani Handy kept blacking out from weakness of the flu. Yet, she kept pushing through, determined to get to the next round and make her group proud. Then, during the group’s performance, she fainted there on stage. Pushing through didn’t seem like a good idea anymore. Due to the fact that she fainted she got eliminated.

“Health is first and foremost…”, says Randy Jackson.

Others like, Handy, also came down with the flu, yet they pushed through. Some hit with the illness made it and others didn’t.

The groups have had drama along the way. Trying to find the perfect group and then working together, is definitely a challenge. Between the personality clashes, not enough time, lack of sleep and health issues attacking each group right and left; it’s been a tough journey.

“Only one shot on the stage.” says Ryan Seacrest, and that is exactly what happens each time contestant after contestant gets on stage and performs. The contestants have one chance, one opportunity to make it through to the next round. The pressure is on and not about to go away. American Idol is a dream crusher for some and a dream maker for others.

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