New York Fashion Week Springs Trends for 2012


February 9-16, New York experienced it’s most fashionable event of the year: Fashion Week. Jessica Alba, Joan Rivers, and David Beckham were among the list of celebrities who attended to this fashion event. The 2012 “Spring Trends” were full of creativity and technology which invaded the prints in certain clothes.

Designers like Victoria Beckham, Miu Miu, and Balenciaga were among the few to exhibit their new trends. The designers showed the audience an extensive and extravagant variety for what’s new and in. This time is all about colors and patterns and much more.

Here is an update on what to wear for this season:


Fabric: Matte and Satin

Dresses: Low-key silhouettes-drop waist, shapeless dresses, bright colors, maxi dresses, dresses with volume.

‘In’ colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, honey, (pastels and bright colors).

Pattern whether in shirts or dresses: stripes, ornamental designs, 3D designs printed in clothes, such as landscapes, bows and more.

Shapes whether in shirts or dresses: geometrical, abstract art.

Pants: skinny jeans with floral patterned style, high-rise jeans, and colorful jeans

Skirts: skirts with volume around the hips (peplum skirts).

Shoes: pointed toes, pointed metallic toes (metallic colors added to the pointed part), wedges, transparent shoes, and laces in high heels, bright shoes, espadrilles (look like the sole is made of rope.

Coats: denim coats, bold color coats, neutral colors, urban anorak (coats with light weighted fabrics, zippers, and it’s tighter around the waistline).


Fabric: linen, cotton, shiny

‘In’ colors: oranges, greens, mustard, cerulean shades (aqua colors), bright colors

Shirts: polo, casual, shirt jacket (looks like a jacket but a shirt too because of the collar)

Suits: looser, bright colors, silk and synthetic fabrics, shinny

Pants: wider, colored pants, paisley pants (looser pants with prints made out of cotton), baggy pants, low-rise trousers, dropped crotches, ankle cropped

Mix: formal with informal clothes, high and low in pieces

Knights: bright, simple (no prints), net wear

Pattern whether on shirts or sweaters: ethnic- tribal details, bold stripes, hand embroidery,

Prints whether on jacket or pants: batik prints (floral, plants, leaves, birds, butterflies, fish, geometric), embroidery, checks, tartans (crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors), and bolder prints

Jackets: longer, light fabrics, soft silhouette, unlined, leather, multi pocket

Shoes: ankle boots with straps- buckles, sandals, wingtip- oxford (low heeled made of leather with decorative perforations), buckled slip on, driving loafer (flexible sole, made of leather in the upper part of the shoe and sole.)

Not only in New York can shoppers have style. In Quito, a variety of stores are available in  which fashionistas can find many of these spring trend clothing options. One of them is MNG, a well know clothing store which offers customers a wide range of outfits for every persons taste. The customer can get a striped shirt for $39 and a peplum skirt for $49.

This year’s spring trends can fit anyone. Combining patterns and bright colors is what this spring is all about.



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