New student profile: Melissa Pales


Figure skating, used to be her passion. Now, she sits in an Alliance Academy classroom, with the desire of going to college in the US. Coming from an Ecuadorian mom and a Puerto Rican dad, Melissa Pales has become the newest addition to the Alliance Academy senior class this year.

Question: “Why did you come to Alliance Academy?”

Answer: “I want to study in the states and Alliance made things easier for me to do so.”

Question: “Why in the states?”

Answer: “They have better opportunities there. Also, I was born in Chicago and I lived in Houston for a long time before.”

Question: “You used to do figure skating, why did you quit?”

Answer: “It’s not that I wanted to stop, it’s just that I had no time, and I had to focus in school.”

Question: “How did that work out for you?”

Answer: “Now I’m able to speak Spanish, English, and French, and I get some pretty good grades, according to me.”

Question: “What do you think about the school?”

Answer: ““It’s cool, fun. It’s interesting, I like it.”

Question: “Moving on to simpler things, favorite food, color, artist, music genre?

Answer: “I love Japanese food, my favorite color is pink, my favorite artist is Inna, and my favorite music genre is electronic.”

Question: “If there was one place you visit in this world, where would it be?”

Answer: “Fiji.”

Question: “Before we conclude this whole interview, is there something else you’d like to say?”

Answer: “Not really.”



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