How to Avoid frustrating the opposite sex

1. Asking the same questions

“Are you mad at me?” –a common question asked toward the opposite sex. One time? Not so bad. Six times? Bad. No one wants to hear the same question over and over, especially if the question has already been answered. The more questions one asks, the more frustrated someone is bound to become.

2.    Making up the lie

When one asks a question, don’t lie. It’s hard to tell whether or not they already know the truth. Face it, people talk whether we want them to or not, they are going to talk. Tell the truth. There’s no harm in confessing something that has already happened.

3.    Let him take initiative

If he asked you out, he knows that he is going to have to pay, don’t push it. He knows that you might want to get a bite to eat or go to a movie, and no, he isn’t going to want you to pay. Let him pursue you, don’t be the girl that chased after the guy, no one wants to see that and it can potentially be embarrassing for the both of you. Let him feel like he is in control of the situation. Guys, don’t be passive. Girls, don’t feel bad.

4.    Don’t bring up the “ex’s”

“That’s what so and so used to say…” okay, for real. No one wants to hear about your previous relationship, especially if you are involved with someone else. No one cares whether or they used to call you at a certain time or say the sweetest things. It’s over for a reason, and if you really want to continue moving forward in your current relationship enough with the “ex.” If you haven’t already moved on from your “ex,” then you’re definitely not ready for a new one.

5.    Playing the jealous card

Don’t purposely try and make someone jealous, a lot of the time it won’t end up being a good situation. Texting someone else in front of them and acting like it’s funny isn’t going to have a happy ending. Making someone jealous isn’t about being funny or trying to make them mad. Face it, no one likes being jealous; so don’t put anyone down that road.

6.    Overanalyzing

Reading into what’s going on. If they want to hang out, don’t automatically assume he or she likes you. This is a problem with girls and guys. Overanalyzing takes a huge toll in a relationship and it can be the ultimate deal breaker if people are doing it. Don’t try and look past what is really going on, just look at the things on the surface, because one thing leads to another and next thing you know: disaster.



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