Guardians – C.S.O. for middle schoolers


Most of the C.S.O. that exist in our school are focused in helping poor or sick people. But there is one which was created to serve our middle school students.

Guardians, started many years ago in Alliance Academy International. Here, high schoolers  create relationships with the middle school students.

Guardians came  from the idea of creating a C.S.O. for the middle school students. Being a senior Mr. Saavedra with some other seniors helped Kenton Kauffman to make his idea a reality.  “ When we  were seniors, my friend Kenton Kauffman noticed that there were a lot of C.S.O’s that had the view of helping and reaching people in Ecuador, but there was not any program that would help the middle scholars.” said Dave Saavedra, Chair of the Bible Dept. and one of the original visionaries for the Guardians C.S.O

They met every Wednesday, after school, in the Larson Center at HCJB. Currently Guardians is held at the backyard of our school.

“Guardians vision and mission is to talk to the students more about God, to build relationship with them and to be a help for them,” said Mr. Saavedra.

Tully Douce, is a senior who as a middle schooler went to Guardians and  now helps and serves as a leader in this C.S.O.

” Guardians has changed a little from how it was at first. The agenda has changed a little. For example, time before there used to be a speaker every single Wednesday, but now there is a speaker once or twice a month.”, said Douce.

Diana Cascante is also a senior who helps in Guardians. She likes a lot the idea of not having a speaker each week.

“This allows to leaders more time to spend in the small groups and get to know and build relationships with the middle scholars.”

Even though, there are 3 mentors in this C.S.O, all the work is done by the 12 students that serve in Guardians.

This is one of the things that Diana loves about Guardians.“The adult leaders support us, but they let us lead which I really like, because then we can learn to be leaders”-said Cascante.

Both seniors, Tully Douce and Diana Cascante have learned how to be leaders. And Douce has also found that leading youth groups will be probably what he will do in the future.

“Guardians have put in me love and the wish to become a youth ministry leader in the future”, said Douce.

This is the  same wish Dave Saavedra had when he was a senior.

“It was very significant for me, because it was the first time that I preached a sermon to young people, thing that at the moment I am still doing. I am mentoring discipleship to youth people and I am teaching the bible to high scholars in Alliance Academy.”, said Saavedra.

Guardians, is a  C.S.O. for students who wants to help middle schoolers, and to help them by bringing them closer to God.


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