Movie Review: Small town producers hit International city cinemas


“I don’t wanna be just a good enough father”, says Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick); a street cop, and a father figure at home. He fights for what is right, no matter what the cost. Whether that be jeopardizing a friendship or making a promise in front of God and his friends, he WILL step up and be a better man.

The movie “Courageous”, the fourth film, after Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof, representing Sherwood Pictures; released December 3, 2011, makes International fame as a truly inspirational film. A movie filmed in a small-town in Georgia, full of  heart-warming moments, definitely takes courage to a whole different level.

Throughout this movie, the acting overall did not have the taste of a job well done. Besides a hand full of convincing actors, the dialogue and interaction between characters were not well-played out; the investment in acting could have been greater. The diversity of different races in this movie depicts a non-racial environment; with Mexican-American, African-American, and American all playing as main roles in this film.

The soundtrack playing, overall, added emotions and excitement when needed, except in a few unique scenes. In the middle of the day, when there is a cop chasing a fugitive, you usually would not put classical victory music. The scenery of the movie paints the perfect picture of a typical small town in deep south of the United States; there were times when the scenery completely moved me; these small town producers did an extraordinary job on perfecting the quality.

Other than some bad acting here and there, and a random choice of song breaking out; the movie, as a whole, has inspiration oozing out of it; definitely worth seeing. The message behind it and the beauty it presents warms your heart. Rated PG-13; a movie family friendly and bursting with wisdom nuggets has lived up to its name, Courageous.



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