Athletic director resigns after sixteen years of service at AAI


After 16 years of serving at the  Alliance Academy International, Asad Zeidan has decided to start working on a personal business and resign from his position as Athletic Director.

The Athletic Director coordinates tournaments, varsity and junior varsity games, and makes the league work.

Being an Athletic Director is not an easy job, especially at AAI.  This job requires knowledge of all the sports practiced in the school, and someone who knows how the system works because it is different from any Ecuadorian school.

“It is the coach of coaches,” said Bill Evans, Director of student services.  “Asad has been a real help because he has a lot of connections with other schools, he knows the system and how things work. I really appreciate the job he has done”

Being an Athletic Director was a perfect job for Zeidan because it was exactly what he studied and because he likes to have good relationships with students.

“I like being close with teenagers, have good relationships with them, guide them, and give them advice. It’s all part of the job at the Alliance,” Zeidan said.

AAI students have not seen the last of Zeidan however, since his wife and daughter are going to be staying at the Alliance Academy.  Zeidan will also continue to be close to the school and will be helping the new Athletic director and managing the AASSA tournaments this year.

“I’ll be what I would call homesick,” Zeidan said, “because after many years of being here I have to leave the Alliance, after I’ve already considered this place to be my home.”

There have been several interests for Zeidans’ job. However, currently a permanent replacement has not been found as Evans continues to interview potential candidates.

Zeidan was born in Belen, Palestine and has lived in Ecuador for 35 years. He began his job in 1995, when Dr. Edger, the Director of the AAI at the time, gave the job to Zeidan of athletic director assistant. He worked as an assistant for 2 years, and then he became the Athletic Director. He has been the Athletic Director ever since


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