Ask Polu: How should a senior approach senioritis?


How should a senior approach senioritis?

David and Goliath, senior and senioritis, is there a difference? Not really. The battle consists of attitude. If one recalls the battle between David and Goliath, David was the puny little human that seemed to have no chance of winning; however, he had faith that God would be on his side; he had the right attitude and perfect determination.

Senioritis doesn’t actually come from others, it comes from the most inner part of a senior. It’s a voice in the mind that says “the end is near, there is no need to work.” At first, it sounds harmless; however, it’s destructive. In my case, senioritis has actually forced me to start to hand in my homework late causing my grades to lower in my classes. Then, when the time comes for final transcripts to be sent to colleges, I could be on academic probation starting my freshman year of college.

The truth to the matter is that senioritis can actually get worse, the closer you get to 4th quarter. Why? How? Well, once universities began to accept you, the voice in your head begins to say, “you’re already in a college… you don’t even have to be in school!” The moment this comes to mind, you’re in big trouble. For example, a senior who graduated in the 2011 class, after getting accepted into colleges his grades, dropped so low there was talk of him not being able to pass certain classes!

For those seniors who are struggling with senioritis my advice is the following: that you act together! Encourage each other, turn off your facebooks, drink some coffee and get to work.  You see, if you allow seniorities to consume you, you get hurt. Senioritis makes you lazy, causing you not do your assignments, which lower your grades, and affects the way that colleges look at you. In a worst case scenario, low grades don’t allow you to graduate.

Seniors, I love you all too much to see you be consumed by yourself. So push yourselves! I know it’s hard to fight the senioritis, but you have to be strong. If David could beat the enormous giant of Goliath, then a senior can beat the mighty, invincible senioritis.



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