David Guetta makes it in the top 20 with his new album Nothing but the Beat


Until 2009, David Guetta was an unknown artist. Later on, when he released his album “One Love,” he became an overnight pop culture obsession.  Thanks to the fans that have given him great support, he has been able to come back with his fifth album “Nothing but the Beat” which is available at all retail and digital stores worldwide.

This is a double album where one disc is vocal and the other one is electronic. For this album he got inspired to add rock influences to the production and Guetta comes back with an entourage of musical talent; Flo-Rida, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz, Ludacris, will.i.am, Akon, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Hudson, Sia, Timbaland and Dev.

This fifth album “Nothing but the Beat” has two songs on the top 20 among the US hot 100. The songs are: “Where Them Girls At” and “Without You.” This is the fourth time that his songs have made the top 20 singles. On November 30, 2011 the album received a Nomination for Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 54th Grammy Awards.

The first disc of “Nothing but the Beat” shows a vocal part with the various singers mentioned. These recognizable and catchy songs make people want to keep listening because they contain a rhythm that make your body want to go along with it. The second disc offers a collection of instrumental tracks where Guetta has his own style where he expresses himself. He uses an electronic/techno style to build and break down like a Billboard chart-topper.

At first his album seems to be just another typical pop album, but once you listen to it, you fall for his unique touch in the music. This album shows an exciting side of techno/electronic music which inspires people to dance and sing. The disc ranges from electro-pop to progressive house and his album “Nothing but the Beat” covers all spectrums. The success of Guetta’s new album leaves fans begging: more Guetta please!



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