2012 AASSA tournament brings victory and disappointment


A great victory carries a great sacrifice.

Contrasting realities and conclusions were the results participant of Alliance Academy International at the latest edition of the Association American Schools South America [AASSA] Tournament.

February 10, five schools set the start of the AASSA Tournament, hosted by the Academia Cotopaxi school this year. This tournament is organized with the intention of sharing quality time with students and encouraging them to play sports. Both men and women were able to show their talents, men playing basketball, and women playing soccer.

While Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach Simmons’  predictions came true – winning the tournament, Coach Tassy (Women’s Varsity Soccer) had hard times and returned home after being defeated by the stronger schools.

Simmons was confident that his basketball team was  well prepared for the tournament and will win it. Over the years the basketball team has had great success and has been feared by many opposing teams.

AAI’s first opponent was Americano de Quito. The AAI team started out a little nervous and its defense was weak; but in a matter of minutes, they improved and  made their great shots. AAI won 44-35.

After getting off to a great start, AAI went on to defeat Menor (58-28) and Inter Americano (42-9). This winnings predicted  that the final was going to be between AAI and Cotopaxi.

“I always enjoy playing Cotopaxi. Cotopaxi is like playing against my younger brother, you know , You know him, and sometimes things can get really heated, because you get to see each other so much , but in the end they are usually good games and it’s fun.” said Coach Simmons

AAI won the trophy after beating Cotopaxi with a result of 53-40. Undefeated, the team celebrated, remembering Coach Simmons’ words.

“I think we are very prepared to do very well every game and hopefully will win the tournament,” he said.

Nick Whitehead, starting senior, was named as the best player of the tournament with 45 points and 44 rebounds. Leading the team in points and rebounds, Whitehead said “We have a good chance of winning this tournament”
On the other hand, the Women’s Varsity Soccer team struggled but work hard. Many had hopes of reaching the final game and being champions, but were defeated against Americano (0-7), Menor (0-4), and Cotopaxi (1-3). They won their last game against Einstein (4-0) proving that they are very capable of making good goals and win the game.

“The vision is to keep working hard in every step, every game, every practice, trying to get better at what we do.” said Tassy. This year’s tournament has been proof that the soccer team needs vast improvement, but AAI students still have great hopes for a more successful performance next year.

The only battle lost is the one abandoned. Keep working hard on everything you do…



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